Can Charity Motivate Your Employees?

Can charity motivate your employees? You bet! Employers, if you want to keep your employees motivated, convey individual respect, and enhance their perspective of your company, all in one shot, here’s a counter-intuitive tip: Reward your employees with a bonus of a gift to the charity of their choice. Research shows that a bonus your employees spend on someone else is more motivating than a bonus they spend on themselves!

One forward-thinking company, Omni-Duct, put this into practice several years ago. Bob gave $50 to any employee who wanted to participate in On Assignment, a concept where teams of employees take a small amount of money and use it to generate a larger amount to give to the charity of their choice. In Omni-Duct’s case, for those who participated, the results were inspiring. Friendships were made, teamwork and morale increased, and several charities received meaningful help. Click here to watch the video.

One innovative company, Co.Tribute, has made it their mission in life to help employers provide organized ways for their employees to contribute to premade giving campaigns with tangible goals. Igniting their generosity not only builds better teamwork, but also increases employee engagement, which in turn has been proven to increase your business’s bottom line. In addition, engaged employees tend to stay loyal longer, so you benefit all the way around!

Does your company culture provide opportunities for meaningful work…or just another paycheck?

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