Distance Yourself From That Annoying Coworker

employee holding off an annoying coworker

We recently shared an article with 6 tips for getting along with a coworker you hate. I just found a smart tip not covered in that article:

Get some distance. Shut him out physically if you’re unable to ignore him. Close the door to your office. Move to a conference room or empty cubicle on occasions when you need to concentrate on an important project or deadline. Wear headphones to tune out noise, laughter or whatever it is that annoys you about the co-worker. Listen to music, as long as it doesn’t affect your own concentration. Sometimes just seeing the headphones is enough to signal to co-workers that you don’t want to be disturbed. Set up a white noise generator in your cubicle to tune out annoying habits such as tapping on the desk, humming or similar noises.

My favorite part is the headphones suggestion. Even if you can’t really do two things at once (I can’t write and listen to music!), it shows that you’re occupied. The author also suggests taking a quick break to escape the annoyance and catch a few deep breaths. To read more, click here.

Article published on work.chron.com by Molly Thompson.

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