Does Multitasking Decrease Your Productivity?

woman with six hands full of tasks

I have a girlfriend who is a constant whirlwind of activity. She can talk on the phone, type on her computer, walk her dog, and sort her mail all in the same breath. Compared to her, I am a slug. I plod carefully through one task at a time, looking up with glassy eyes if someone comes into my office and tries to sidetrack me. If you’re like me, have you ever been jealous of people who can multitask? Well, take comfort in the latest research that says there is no such thing!

Instead of engaging in two tasks at the same time, your mind is rapidly switching back and forth between both tasks, and neither task is receiving your full attention.

If you are a multitasker and you want to increase your productivity, finish what you’re doing, then focus on reading this article!

Originally published on by Karen Sladick.

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