Enhance Your Career by Moonlighting

Have you ever considered that working a side job could actually help your career? Most people think that it would compete with your regular job. But if it can be done at home, makes you happier, gives you a second income, and maybe even complements what you do at your real job, why not give it a try, suggests author Laura Vanderkam. “Changes in technology and the way people work are leading some to rethink this idea. Certain kinds of moonlighting may actually help you in your main job, and wise organizations can embrace, rather than squelch, entrepreneurial zeal.”

If you’ve resisted starting a blog, making jewelry, or pursuing whatever it is you’re passionate about doing, maybe it’s time to go for it. Read the full article and explore the possibilities!

Originally published on management.fortune.cnn.com by Laura Vanderkam.

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