Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk!

stretching exercises you can do at your desk

I’m not sure what happened, but I’ve gained two pounds in the last few weeks. Okay, I know what happened–because of the cold weather, I’ve been wolfing down every comfort food I can get my teeth into. Who wants to eat a salad when you’re shivering?

I ran across a series of great exercises called the Cubicle Crunch that we can do at our desks. They were written to help us get into shape last summer, but I didn’t need them when it was warm out. Now I’m willing to try them, especially since I can do some of them while I’m actually working!

Take the ab strengthener, for instance: “Feeling flabby in your midsection? Act like you are zipping a tight pair of pants and engage your lower ab muscles. You can pulse (squeeze, release, repeat) 10 times, a few times throughout the day.” Or the upper arm and shoulder strength exercise, where you squeeze your abs and push away from your desk. It really works, and strengthening your core is also good for preventing back pain, says my chiropractor.

If you’re bound to your desk and just can’t manage to get away, these exercises may be just the ticket to improved health. Who knows, maybe you’ll even start a trend!

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Article originally published on jobs.aol.com by Barbara Safani.

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