Fall 2015 Career Trends

Pay Growth Is Occurring in a Few Careers

A new report from the careers website Glassdoor lists the 20 jobs that have seen the highest pay increases during the past year, with numerous technology and finance-related jobs making the list. Among them are software engineers, project engineers, business systems analysts. Surprisingly, so are baristas, certified nursing assistants, and pharmacy techs! To read more about the median incomes for these jobs, click here.

Tips for Conducting a Perfect Job Search

Hunting for a job can be an overwhelming task, but Bernard Marr gives a simple step-by-step approach. First, he says, “Know your goals before you begin. Are you looking for a promotion? Just looking to work for a different company? Hoping to move into a new field?  Set out some goals before you begin your job search — even if you are currently unemployed — to help direct your efforts.” For 7 practical tips, read his whole article here.

Be Prepared to Take a Candidate/Employee Assessment

In a recent survey, 80% of employers felt that utilizing assessment software in the hiring process was helpful in making a better hire and should continue. “The vast majority of respondents using assessment software seriously consider the results, with 67 percent saying they take the results “very much into consideration” when hiring a candidate. Another 13 percent said the results completely influence their decisions. Furthermore, 75 percent of hiring managers who utilize hiring software have rejected a candidate who otherwise seemed like a good fit for the role and company.”

Employers Aren’t Developing Their High-Professional Talent

If you’re a deep-subject expert  such as a scientist, researcher, or software developer, there’s something you should explore in your next interview. A September 2015 survey shows “a significant lack of development and advancement opportunities for high-professional talent. Nearly three quarters of 700 executive respondents (72%) said there was not a clear path for advancement for high professionals within their organizations. In addition, 78 % said their organizations don’t have development programs designed to help high professionals advance within their specific function, as opposed to including them in broader high-potential programs that focus on developing the next generation of organizational managers.”

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