Format Your Resume Using Eye-Tracking Study Results

Someone’s always conducting a new study, it seems, and many times the usefulness of the topic is questionable. However, I just found an article about how Dr. Jakob Nielsen conducted a study tracking the eye movements of people as they read online content. Since resumes are mostly read online now, this information is actually useful to job seekers!

Apparently, online readers exhibit an F-shaped pattern when scanning web content, so the article gives 6 suggestions for how you can take advantage of this knowledge. For instance, instead of including keywords in your text, use them in your resume headings and subheadings to maximize their potential to the recruiter reading your resume.

Check out this article on how the letter F can help your job search. Then head to your computer and make a few quick changes to your resume!

Maybe your next interview will be a video interview! Be prepared with these 9 tips.

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