Happy Day First Responders!

Today is National First Responders Day, and in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, a terrible fire season, and too many hurricanes, a collective and heartfelt “THANK YOU” is in order. 


We are so grateful for the fire crews who just yesterday managed a fire that came dangerously close to Amtec’s office. Although our office was spared evacuation orders, we are only about 50 feet from the evacuation boundary. Stephani Jensen, HR manager at Amtec, snapped this picture of the flames. 


First Responders are people in our midst who are built differently than most. They are courageous and caring, and without them, we would be faced with situations way beyond our ability to handle. They are people who perform countless heroic acts every day, and now more than ever, it’s time to show our gratitude for their service and selflessness, putting themselves at risk every day for the well being of others.

From our “Famtec” at Amtec Staffing,

Thank You First Responders

We honor your hard work and dedication today and every day.

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