Here’s How to Hire the Wrong Person!

George on dollar is shocked when you hire the wrong person

You’ve probably seen the infographic on how much a bad hire costs your organization. It’s no secret that hiring right is one of the most important decisions you can make. But unless you know what not to do, it’s all too easy to hire the wrong person!

For instance, it’s easy to recruit only when you “have an immediate need, so you don’t have a list of pre-screened candidates to call. Now you’re in ‘desperation hiring mode’ – pressured to hire the first warm body that walks in the door.” Or, “during interviews, you rely on gut instinct so, naturally, if you ‘like’ an applicant, you look for reasons to hire them and, if you don’t ‘like’ them, you look for reasons not to hire them. This way you get to be right (but you also often hire the wrong person for the job.)”

If you don’t want to hire the wrong person next time you’re conducting a job search, read these 10 valuable reminders before you start. And if you need advice on telephone screening, behavioral interview questions, or reference checking, search our blog or call us! We source, screen, select, and hire great candidates every day. It’s our passion to help you hire the right person every time.

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