How to Annoy a Recruiter and Not Get Hired!

I admit it, I laughed when I saw former recruiter Ryan Fisher’s article: The Top 3 Ways to Annoy a Recruiter–And Lose Out on a Job! Our office is full of personable recruiters, each with a great sense of humor and a lot of patience, so I thought, “What could a candidate possibly do to be that annoying to a recruiter?”

I do remember a few times when we’ve been frustrated with candidates who, in spite of our careful coaching, didn’t dress appropriately when sent out to their interviews. We’ve also had candidates who accepted our offer and then backed out at the last second, accepting another offer and leaving our clients (and us!) emptyhanded. There are many ways to burn a bridge. I’d hate to be those candidates the next time they need to search for another job!

But there are more basic mistakes anyone can make when applying for a job and working with a recruiter, and these are the ones Fisher focuses on. For instance, he talks about not including the proper contact information on your resume. This may seem like a basic resume ingredient, but it’s a crucial one if you want to be considered for the job. Fisher reminds candidates:

Make sure your contact information is on your resume and that it’s correct. A recruiter could be trying to reach out to you about your dream job and the opportunity to make more money, but you will never know about it if we don’t have your contact information!

To read the 3 annoying mistakes Fisher says to avoid and his tips for success in landing the job, read his complete article here. And watch for another post on this topic, because now I’m inspired to ask our recruiters what most annoys them that could ruin your next chance to get hired!

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By Marcianne Kuethen

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