How to Answer, “Are You Overqualified?”

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Our friend Roger* is frustrated in his job search. He’s looking because his company wants him to move out of state. Roger has so much experience in his career that everywhere he goes, they refuse to hire him because he’s so overqualified. Yet he is conscientious, wise, knowledgeable, and a great manager. Can you relate to Roger’s predicament?

The following article contains some great suggestions for how to answer the overqualified question, in light of what the interviewer really needs to know. It’s those “4 unasked job interview questions: Do you understand the job? Can you do the job? Will you do the job? Do you pose a risk to [the hiring manager’s] own continued employment?” (e.g., by leaving as soon as a better offer comes along.)

Great food for thought. So, if you fall into the category of overqualified, prepare yourself by reading this short article before your next interview!

Article originally published on by Peggy McKee.

*not his real name, of course!

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