How to Attract Gen Z’s Best Candidates

Gen Z candidates are the next big wave of talent to hit the job market. They are billed as being more independent, innovative and entrepreneurial than their predecessors. Gen Z candidates comprise a huge demographic, and many businesses want to tap into their potential. But in order to attract Gen Z candidates, a business needs to understand what they want. Their values and priorities have shifted compared to preceding generations. Recruiting Gen Z will require a different approach. Our experience in direct hire and contract staffing services gives us insight to what attracts top talent. 

Economic Security

In the past, candidates sought a job with the most prestige. However, in today’s society, where job security cannot be assured and organizations are having trouble demonstrating their values and purpose, these beliefs are changing. Recruiting agencies have noted a marked difference of personal priorities in the Gen Z talent pool. To attract this generation of talent your company must focus on economic security. Gen Z candidates prefer to work for a company that offers a good employee benefits package (30%) than one that offers employee perks such as free snacks, happy hours, or gym reimbursements (15%). At Amtec, we know that budget is important when hiring. Our contract staffing services includes handling timecards, payroll, and billing to ensure the company meets payroll obligations with flexibility and cost savings.

The pandemic has cemented the need for economic security. Since the onset of COVID-19, 69% of Gen Z candidates have worried about running out of food, and over a fifth (21%) worry about it most of the time. Moreover, 28% have lost their jobs, or someone in their family has lost a job. When recruiting Gen Z, keep in mind the amount of debt and job insecurity facing their generation, punctuated by the pandemic. Gen Z’ers want to invest their money wisely for their future, not be reliant on social secruity and minimize their banks and student loan providers from profiting at their expense. 

Joining a Team

Gen Z candidates are very team-focused, positive and social. They love to work in a collaborative environment that values communication and transparency. On their first day on the job, 44% expect hands-on training, 43% expect to attend an orientation day, and 33% expect to be taught everything they need to know up front. Gen Z candidates also cares about their health on the job. 77% of US Gen Z adults are stressed about work, compared to 64% of all adults, according to a report from the American Psychological Association. At Amtec, our direct hire services include a detailed understanding of each sector we serve, as well as the distinct employment markets that support them.

When recruiting Gen Z, consider sharing your company’s mission and message. Gen Z is shifting their focus from the company’s bottom line to societal impact. They want to work for enterprises that are making a difference—businesses that are “doing good” for the world, and are transparent about it. Over a third (36%) have participated in a political rally or protest, signed a petition for a cause they believe in, or supported a political movement. When you’re looking for Gen Z candidates, it can help if you emphasize what your organization does in the world—why it exists—and how your employees contribute to that mission. Think about what your organization does well and talk about what makes your workplace unique. Our team at Amtec isn’t just a recruiting agency, but will make sure that candidates are a great match for your company, and vice versa. Our direct hire and contract staffing services are geared towards quick understanding of specific position requirements, company culture norms, and unique employment dynamics.

Social Values

Gen Z wouldn’t work for a company that didn’t promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Recruiting agencies across the U.S. are tasked with finding more diverse candidates, and with good reason. 41% of Gen Zers said they would not work for a company that did not promote diversity and inclusion at work. So, if you want to attract the best Gen Z candidates, your workplace needs to reflect those values—and it should be easy for them to find out about your diversity and inclusion initiatives when they’re researching you online. In fact, the vast majority of applicants will look at your website (or social media) before applying for a job. This is even more true for younger generations—so make sure your company’s values are front and center on your site. 

Today’s youngest workers are putting higher stakes into finding fulfilling careers where they are valued, rather than in making money. Gen Z candidates want to know that their time and effort will be respected, that they’ll feel like a valued member of the team, and that they’re working on projects they can feel proud of. Based on the Randstad Workmonitor report for 2022, 40% of Gen Z said they would rather be unemployed than unhappy in a job they didn’t like. Gen Zers are motivated by their desire to be involved and to feel like they’re contributing at a high level. Our recruiters at Amtec devote time to ensuring that filling the position is mutually beneficial through our direct hire services

Tipping the Balance Toward Winning Over Gen Z

Recruiting agencies have seen an evolution in work preferences, fueled by the pandemic. When recruiting Gen Z talent, offer flexibility. They want life-work balance and the kind of flexibility that lets them manage their other priorities (like taking care of their health or being present for family). Allowing flexible scheduling and/or remote work options can go a long way toward making your company attractive to a potential Gen Z employee. Nearly 75% of employees said a flexible work location is important, while 83% said flexible hours to support their lives is crucial. 

Gen Z candidates have a list of priorities when it comes to their next career opportunity: a job that respects them as contributing members of your organization with actual career opportunities, great mentorship and management, communication, and DEI policies. At Amtec, we work with top-notch talent in the tech industry. We know how important it is for companies to find the right fit for their needs, and we want you to find that with us! Contact us to learn more about partnering with us. 

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