How to Change Careers Successfully

Are you one of those workers who goes to work every day more out of obligation than because you’re truly engaged in your work? One of our employees decided 9 months ago to exchange her budding recruiting career for something she’d loved doing on the side for many years: wedding photography. While she is extremely gifted and has truly found what she loves to do, the transition has not been easy, especially since she traded in a steady income for the uncertainty of starting a new full-time business. There are days where she is tempted to give up, and then there are days where a bride just loves her work and can’t wait to book her. Those are the days that keep her doing all the behind-the-scenes editing, writing postcards to 500+ brides who attended the latest bridal expo, and delivering memorable photos to those whose weddings she’s already shot. All in all, it has turned out to be a lot more work than she imagined–but most days, if you were to ask her, it’s worth it. And she really doesn’t miss recruiting!

If you’re in a job you don’t love and you’ve tried to make it work but it just isn’t clicking, are you thinking about changing careers? Then check out this great article by Curt Rosengren. He gives 14 practical “secrets” to career change success. Like the recruiter-turned-wedding-photographer, your journey may not be easy, and the risk factors may be daunting, but finding meaningful work is rewarding! As her dad told me the other day, “Never have I seen my daughter work so hard for so little money with a smile on her face!” Now that is one engaged worker!

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