How to Handle a Bad Hire

Isn’t it weird how the atmosphere in the office changes when someone gets fired? It’s like someone set off a stink bomb and ordered everyone to endure it in silence. If only we never had to fire an employee…

David K. Williams maintains that firing a bad hire doesn’t have to be the first action you take when there’s a problem. He suggests using seven non-negotiable character traits to both screen candidates and deal with any problems once they’re employees: Respect, Belief Loyalty, Commitment, Trust, Courage, and Gratitude. If an employee is found to absolutely lack one of those characteristics, he’s probably toast. But for many employees, mistakes can become a learning experience for them through coaching and support. Mentoring them through the difficulty prevents that “stink bomb” atmosphere that firing someone creates.

If you’ve got a bad hire whom you’re debating whether to let go, read this thoughtful article. It may actually raise your team’s morale and increase employee retention!

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Article originally published on by David K. Williams.

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