How to Hire the Perfect Employment Agency

So you need to hire an A Player and you’re wondering how to hire the perfect employment agency. As an employer, you know that A-player employees are vital to your company’s success or failure. Choosing a staffing agency for your hiring needs is also a vital part in the process of finding these superstar candidates. That’s why it’s crucial to partner with an employment agency you can trust. Hiring a staffing partner that has YOUR best interest at heart will definitely make for a long-lasting relationship and friendship.

In a top-quality recruitment firm, your executive search consultant should honestly be more concerned about finding the right fit between the candidate and client rather making his or her commission.  In discovering how to hire the perfect employment agency, know that a great search consultant never tries to push “a square peg into a round hole,” so to speak.

A good example of this occurred this year with one of my newer clients. This new client was very interested in a qualified candidate whom I submitted.  After interviewing him, they decided that he was the perfect fit for their open position.  They asked me to make a verbal offer to him, which I did.

But after receiving the verbal offer, my candidate started acting suspiciously.  He unexpectedly asked for a lot more money than we had recently discussed. Then his car died “suddenly,” and he said he would also need a company car.  Now I saw nothing but red flags with my candidate.  It was apparent that he was motivated only monetarily, not by the opportunity itself.  My fear was that if he were to accept the offer as is, he would then be easily enticed away by another company if the dollar amount was more to his liking.

Even though it meant I could lose my commission, I immediately informed my client of my concerns.  The client trusted me completely and asked if I could rescind the offer, which I did.  Two weeks later, I found another candidate who was a great fit. My client has now hired her, and they’re extremely happy with her.

If you’re wondering how to hire the perfect employment agency for your next hire, look for a staffing partner that puts you first with the goal of bringing success to your company. Not only do you want to hire A Players, but you want A Players who care about and complement your company mission and culture. Be cautious when choosing a recruitment firm.  Make sure that they are all about not just the money, but also your success in finding talent that is a great fit!

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