How to Resign from Your Job With Grace

man throwing papers to the wind

I’ll always remember the day our long-awaited vacation to Williamsburg was ruined because one of our key employees back home got disgruntled and resigned immediately. It left us in a terrible position, and although we didn’t head for home, we should have. My husband spent the remainder of our vacation solving the problems her abrupt departure caused. Needless to say, that employee burned her bridge and our trust down to the ground.

Is there a better way to resign? Obviously, giving 2 weeks’ notice is pretty standard. But the experts have more to add, for your benefit as well as your boss’s. For example, “Do make the transition as easy and as smooth as possible. And do offer to help find and/or train your replacement. But don’t make promises you can’t or won’t keep.”

If you’re getting ready to resign and move to another job, these tips are a must-read to protect yourself both personally and professionally.

Originally published on by Barbara Safani.

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