How to Retain Your Superstar Employee

Our friends had a shepherd mix dog, Sarah, who was much loved but just couldn’t seem to help herself. No matter what her owners did, they couldn’t keep Sarah from jumping the fence. Fortunately, neighbors and strangers alike befriended the runaway, and Sarah was confined again–for the moment.

We’ve all had much-loved (or superstar!) employees who, like Sarah, get that look in their eye that tells you they’re looking to jump the fence! While we wish we could figuratively tie them to their desks, there’s actually a better way, advises Jeff Haden.

Start by addressing the issue before she brings it up. Be honest. Describe how important she is to your business. Explain why a raise is not possible. Discuss the current lack of openings. Most importantly, admit you know she has opportunities. Don’t let that be an elephant in the room.

Haden also warns against giving false hope. Instead, be a great boss who cares about improving the skills of your employees.

Read the full article for more ideas on how to keep your superstar employee happy.

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Originally published on by Jeff Haden.

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