How to Write a Great Job Post (And Where to Post It)

When recruiting for an open position, you probably start by defining the role, responsibilities, and other parameters of the position. With this established, you can clearly articulate the desired skillset, experience, and education that top candidates should possess to be considered for the job. This complex task can be a breeze to complete using Amtec’s free job posting generator to write a great job post. It includes all the essentials and can be posted anywhere!

The question remains, though, as to where the job description should be posted in order to reach the broadest pool of highly qualified candidates possible. And the correct answer may prove especially important if your executive management position requires the skills of a purple squirrel.

Plenty of options, but start from home

No matter what kind of position you are trying to fill, you’ve got lots of potential posting options with a wide range of costs and benefits. Naturally, if your company already has a career page on its website, your posting should appear there first. Such career page postings can be effective because they often capture attention from obviously motivated recruits; that is, people already interested in your company and/or its line of work.

Direct advertising may lead to results

You could then turn your attention to direct advertising by posting the job description in newspapers, on job boards, and in relevant industry publications. Of the three, newspaper advertisements strike us as the least efficient by dint of essentially being cattle calls.

Job boards also often serve as cattle calls, though some can prove more targeted than newspaper help wanted ads. There are 100s of free and fee-based job boards you can post in, from massive online boards such as Monster and CareerBuilder that cover just about all lines of work to smaller boards that focus on specific industries or business sectors. There are also job boards tailored for specific regions, states, and cities. 

Some job boards also aggregate job descriptions on other job board websites. Know that whether by job board or newspaper, you will likely receive plenty of responses, which will necessitate a lot of separating the wheat from the resume chaff.  

Relevant industry publications, professional associations are more targeted

Relevant industry publications may provide the best-targeted recruitment option when you need experience specifically tailored to a distinct industry or business sector. Likewise with professional organizations and associations, many of which publish job postings in their publications and/or websites.

Thus, for example, if you were seeking an executive manager with distinct municipal wastewater treatment experience, you could post your job description in more than a dozen publications that offer career-related adverts, as well as with three relevant associations: American Water Works Association, Water Environment Federation, and National Association of Clean Water Agencies. Or, if seeking an executive manager with distinct aerospace industry experience, you could turn to almost three dozen associations and at least as many publications.

Expand coverage with social media

Social media has emerged as a key outlet for posting job positions and expanding your potential network of career professionals. As the world’s largest professional social network, LinkedIn has become an important resource for filling positions. Along with free and fee-based job posting capabilities, the site offers recruitment tools to help search the LinkedIn membership base for potential candidates and numerous other tools designed to connect professionals with relevant companies. As a networking site, it is important to maintain an active presence on the site in order to reap the most successful recruitment benefits.

Many companies with an active Facebook presence also use this social media site for recruiting. And, with more than one billion active users on the site every day, why not? It expands your reach and may allow you to connect with any purple squirrels who may not be actively searching job boards or other venues for open positions in their fields. You can post position details on your company’s own Facebook page for free, or purchase pay-per-click ads that can be targeted by specific regions and/or by keywords.  

Or just turn to the services of professional recruiters like Amtec

Of course, if you really want to get the best bang for your recruiting buck, you could always turn over your search to the skills of a professional executive management recruiting company, like Amtec. With a highly qualified job board of its own, proprietary tools, a vast existing network, and proven expertise, Amtec can deliver top-level talent quickly and efficiently. We can even uncover those elusive purple squirrels.

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