Identify Your Strengths to Reach Your Goals

My friend just sent me a link to take a free character strengths test. The premise of the testing organization is that knowing your strengths will help you reach your greatest potential. That makes sense to me, but what I really like is their list of the results this knowledge can help you achieve:

Positive subjective experience
Acceptance of oneself
Reverence for life
Competence, mastery, efficacy
Mental and physical health
Rich and supportive social networks
Respect by and for others
Satisfying work
Material sufficiency
Healthy communities and families

That’s a pretty comprehensive list! Who doesn’t want respect, job satisfaction, sufficient financial resources, and supportive, healthy relationships with family and friends? Since these are all things every one of us wants, it may be worthwhile to spend 30-40 minutes to take the character test and get a free profile on your top 5 strengths.

For employers, there’s also a separate section where you can learn about testing your employees. It seems like a win-win to me!

Click here for another resource on finding your strengths.

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