IT Salary Survey 2012

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According to, in 2012, IT salaries rose, “but workloads are growing faster still, leaving employees hustling to keep up. Our survey of more than 4,000 IT workers shows why the pressure is on.”

This website is chock-full of information on IT jobs, valuable tools for employers and employees alike. If you use your mouse to hover over a state, up pop several types of positions with salary information. You can also view jobs by level, view salaries by industry, or enter job title and regional information to learn how your paycheck compares to other IT jobs in the U.S. For IT workers, there are articles on the skills gap and shrinking benefits. If you’re an employer, the site gives you tips for how to select candidates and motivate employees even if you’re unable to raise their compensation.

Click here to find out more about what’s happening in the IT workforce.

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