Job Growth Is Predicted for 2016

If you’re hoping to get a job or change careers in the STEM fields, you couldn’t have picked a better time–significant job growth is predicted for 2016. According to, the BLS is predicting the creation of numerous new jobs in a variety of fields in the coming year and beyond.

There’s no doubt that technology is a safe direction to pursue! Software developers, for instance, are expected to be in higher demand, with more than 135,000 new jobs becoming available within the next 8 years. It’s anticipated that operations analysts will see 27,600 new jobs open up in the same time period, and the BLS predicts that jobs for web developers will expand by 27%.

If you’re interested in GPS technology, employment is set to grow by 29% for cartographers (map makers). Jobs for IT managers are also expected to increase by 15%, and database administrators can expect 13,400 new positions to open up by 2024. Information security analysts will also be seeing an 18% growth in available jobs. From 2014 to 2024, the BLS predicts 118,600 job openings in the field of computer systems analysts.

As for engineering, there will be more jobs for mechanical, biomedical, and environmental engineers. The mathematics profession is projected to expand by 21%, and so is accounting, where 142,400 new jobs are expected to emerge. More jobs are also predicted for financial advisors, statisticians, and survey researchers.

A whole slew of jobs will be added in various medically related fields, from dentists, hygienists, physicians, and surgeons, to physical therapists and optometrists. Registered nurses will be in particular demand with a whopping 439,300 jobs predicted to come up between now and 2024. (To read about the 100 best jobs according to, click here.)

Looking at temporary work opportunities, the contingent workforce which currently represents 15-35% of the total U.S. workforce is expanding, says hiring guru Lou Adler. The higher figure includes professionals and contract employees on temporary projects, a trend which provides job seekers more opportunities to demonstrate their ability without having the full list of prerequisites.

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