LinkedIn’s Talent Trends 2015 Report

Wouldn’t you like to learn what candidates are thinking and find the best ways to attract them? Now you can! LinkedIn recently published its second annual Talent Trends report, surveying 1,600 professionals in the U.S. and Canada as well as  20,000 professionals in 29 other countries. Here are a few facts gleaned from LinkedIn’s Talent Trends 2015 report, with a number of great insights and tips to help you better understand candidates and recruit them more effectively:

The Talent Landscape…

  • The majority of talent turns first to personal connections to look for a job.
  • 30% of talent is looking for a new job actively or at least casually a few times per week.
  • Job satisfaction doesn’t mean your employees aren’t looking elsewhere.

The First Contact…Talent wants:

  •  To know why you’re specifically contacting them.
  • To understand the role’s responsibilities.
  • To know what you’re planning to pay them.
  • To understand your company’s culture.

The Interview…Talent Wants:

  • To meet the prospective manager, not just a team member, executive, or recruiter.
  • To get business questions answered, converse with leadership, and experience your company culture.
  • You to follow up with feedback after the interview.

The Offer…Talent Wants:

Candidates want to be seen, heard, and valued today more than ever.  They want less mystery, more transparency, and greater understanding before making a decision to join your organization. As you read these findings from LinkedIn’s Talent Trends 2015 Report, what comes to mind in your hiring process or company culture that you could improve to become more candidate-friendly? Realizing that one third of your work force is probably actively looking, what are you doing to retain the good employees you currently have? And knowing that more candidates are connected socially today, how are you working to promote your brand and actively build your pipeline of candidates?

As always, we wish you success in your hiring. Check out the many articles on our blog that are written to help you achieve your staffing goals. Let us know how we can partner with you to get the top talent you need to build your high-performing team.

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