New Helpful Interview Advice for Candidates

As the candidate’s market continues, the high demand for professional and technical workers has left many candidates feeling empowered, according to a new survey highlighted by CNN. But more than 1,000 Professional/Technical (PT) hiring managers issued a few cautions of which you should be aware, if you’re a candidate in the interview process. Here’s some new helpful interview advice for candidates:

Talent is in short supply in the fields of accounting/finance, engineering, healthcare, information technology (IT), and science/clinical sectors. The PT hiring managers surveyed agreed that the shortage is most acute in the engineering and healthcare fields, followed by IT, and they expect there to be long-term shortages for the skill sets and disciplines in which they hire.

Don’t overrate your bargaining power. Over one third of hiring managers feel that most candidates they interview are underqualified for their open positions.

Nail the interview quickly. Just because you’re in demand doesn’t mean you’re the only one being interviewed.

Hiring managers are still being particular. Specifically, 69%  of the PT managers revealed that they are heavily evaluating candidates for culture fit. Your experience is important, candidates, but they’re also concerned about how you will fit with their team.

Show off your soft skills. Your hard skills may be in demand, but be careful. Hiring managers are also looking at your soft skills, such as your ability to listen and comprehend, your sense of personal accountability, and a positive attitude.

Get a referral. Not surprisingly, a good word about you to the hiring manager by a current or former employee or co-worker is still the best way to get into your dream company.

Be prepared to succinctly tell what you bring to the position, and come to the interview informed. Research beforehand the company’s website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, GooglePlus, and Glassdoor to learn as much as you can about the company’s key products and services.

Ask good questions. Having all the right answers isn’t enough–you must also be ready to ask several quality questions during the interview process.

It’s fantastic that the labor market is all about you, PT candidates…but landing the job isn’t a foregone conclusion. Stay humble and expect to undergo a stringent interview process that may take longer than you wish it would. Take this new helpful interview advice for candidates to heart. Your interview is an opportunity to market yourself, so be prepared and put your best foot forward. Show that you deserve the job, not just because you’re the only one they could find to interview, but because you’re willing to work hard and able to be a high-performing member of the new team.




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