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Candidates are squarely in the driver’s seat in 2017! In this current candidate-driven market, the competition for knowledge workers is escalating and open positions are increasingly harder to fill. For career seekers, this positions you in a great spot–you’ve got lots of choices. For employers, you’ve probably noticed that this makes your hiring more difficult than in past years.

As a leading professional recruiting agency based in Orange County since 1959 (now headquartered in Chino Hills), we’re doing everything possible to bring maximum benefit to both the candidates and employers whom we serve. That’s why we’ve continued to partner with CareerBuilder to offer our candidates the Talent Network. This service, created to assist job-seekers, is built on the foundation of Amtec’s existing candidate database of about a million candidates. The Talent Network uses CareerBuilder’s proprietary technology to immediately alert Talent Network members when a new job opportunity is posted that matches your qualifications and interests. To become a member of the Talent Network, candidates simply “Join our Talent Network” and complete a short profile. Our Talent Network is here for you!

For employers, as your open positions become harder to fill, the Talent Network will tap into both active and passive candidate pools. This allows us to provide our clients with more highly qualified candidates.

About Amtec

Amtec actively serves customers all over the United States who seek top professionals with well-rounded skills. Candidates, if we don’t have the most current version of your resume, please click here to post it, and visit our job board while you’re at it! You or a friend might be a good fit for one of our open positions. Also, to receive updates and alerts with new job opportunities that match your interests, join our Talent Network.

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