PIHRA Conference 2013 in Orange County

Meet a few of your Amtec RPO partners at PIHRA in Booth 835!

Are you wondering how you can reduce your recruiting costs by up to 50%? During August 26-28, 2013, Amtec will be exhibiting our RPO services at the PIHRA (Professionals in Human Resources Association) Conference in Anaheim, California. Stop by Booth 835 and learn how you can save time and money–and still make great hires!

We look forward to hanging out with our partners in strategic recruiting, as well as teaming up with many of you whom we haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting. We’re also excited to learn from leaders like Liz Wiseman, Thomas J. Kalinske, and Stedman Graham, and hear how Chris Van Gorder made a $70 million difference at Scripps Health.

See you in August, partners in hiring!

At Amtec, we’re very committed to helping our loyal customers deal with their HR challenges. One of the biggest issues for 2013 has been the pending Affordable Care Act (ACA). Determining how the ACA will impact your business and how you’ll respond remains a critical issue. We had planned to offer a webinar on July 11, 2013, presented by Glen Ellsworth of Essential StaffCare, on Healthcare Reform…Pay or Play? However, since the implementation of key provisions was recently postponed until 2014 by the Obama Administration, our webinar has also been postponed. We’ll let you know if we plan to host a webinar on this topic when the administration’s future implementation plans are more clear.

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