Researching Your Future Employer

Are you about to go out on an interview? Whether you’re on your own or being helped by a recruiter, determining whether you’re a great fit for your next place of employment is a crucial part of interviewing for a job. Researching your future employer is key to ensuring that your next career move is solid.

Even though our recruiters inform candidates about the prospective employer, we always advise job seekers to do their own research by Googling the company before the interview. What is the company’s mission statement? What are their pain points? Why do they need to fill this open position? Not only will learning about the company prepare you to answer the hiring manager’s questions, but it will also allow you to ask intelligent, informed questions to find out whether you are a good fit for them.

In a recent article, Jack Welch points out six factors you ought to delve into with an organization before you commit to working for them. Below is my quick summary of Welch’s tips, but you can check out the whole article here:

1. Does the company invest in developing its people through training, classes, and other opportunities for personal growth?
2. Do they evaluate, reward, and promote based on employees’ performance?
3. Does the company encourage risk-taking and innovation?
4. Does the organization value employees’ input, diversity, a global outlook, and flexibility for those who earn it?
5. Do they have tight hiring standards so as to attract the best talent?
6. Is the company profitable and growing so you can be sure of career mobility and being paid increasingly well?

For concrete questions to ask at the end of the interview to help you determine whether you are a good fit, watch this great video by

It’s important to prepare for your next interview by knowing what kinds of questions to ask. So take the time to do your own research, put your best foot forward, and go ready to learn as much about the employer as you can. Your satisfaction with being a good match is as important as the company’s–or more!

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