Retain Employees with Exciting Job Titles

Our daughter found a giant white dog on the freeway and brought it home. While we searched for its owner or someone to adopt him, we tried out all kinds of names on the big lug. For a few days, he was Buster, then we called him Charlie, and then Sam. Finally, when he had thoroughly wormed his way into our hearts and he owned us, we named him Zack. It suited his muscular yet friendly personality perfectly.

In the workplace, a name or title has the power to affect us a lot more than we realize, according to Dr. John Sullivan:

The power of a title has been known for years but it has been used as a recruiting tool primarily on individual candidates. Any experienced recruiter knows that individuals frequently take jobs with low pay or other faults simply because the job has an impressive title. But for some unexplained reason, the strategic practice of “Compelling Job Titling” has seldom been implemented throughout major corporations.

Yet according to Sullivan, creating compelling job titles and exciting job descriptions can be a key selling point and a great marketing tool to attract new candidates. It can also be a retention tool when used to validate a current employee who, for example, has agreed to take on additional responsibilities along with continuing to perform many of the same previous duties as well.

Are you ready to acquire a cost-free way to attract and retain top talent? Read the full article here. It’s convincing!

Article originally published on by Dr. John Sullivan.

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