Staffing Companies are Ending the Great Resignation

Many companies work with staffing companies to supplement their workforce with new employees or to find workers outside the area. Recently, the job market in most regions of the United States has become more challenging as people take part in the Great Resignation. While New York and California are no stranger to unemployment, cities in Pennsylvania and Indiana have also had difficulty finding enough qualified candidates for jobs. Staffing companies like Amtec lays out the benefits of teaming up with a direct hire recruiter.

Many employers have begun to acknowledge that it’s becoming a necessity to hire from outside of the local job market, especially in light of the Great Resignation and other remote work options. Finding qualified candidates can be a difficult task for companies, which is why Amtec’s hiring guides offer a valuable resource for business owners. A direct hire recruiter at Amtec will stay updated on the latest industry trends to help teams find a quality candidate.  Regardless of the situation, Amtec’s objective is to help companies and employees find real solutions. 

Understanding What Motivates Employees to Stay

On one hand, staffing companies help businesses find qualified employees. On the other hand, staffing companies also help employees find jobs that let them explore new opportunities that fit their skill set and pay them for the work they do. The Amtec team has a staff of professionals that reviewed why employees left their job during the Great Resignation. COVID-19 gave many people a reason to take a look at their life goals and compare where their career might hinder those ambitions. Additionally, people started looking for work-life balance, looking for opportunities to explore hobbies or even contribute back to their community. A direct hire recruiter knows how to identify what candidates will go well with which companies. 

Opportunities to Add Team Leaders

If your business has gone through the Great Resignation, you’re probably still trying to recruit people to your team. The market is changing and employees are finding new opportunities. At Amtec, we believe this change is for the better. This gives many companies the possibility to hire great candidates for leadership positions. We’re not only here to find qualified candidates, but good leaders as well. When things look great on paper or online, there’s always a level of risk involved in hiring people. You never know what the future will hold for your business or candidates. At Amtec, we know how to recruit executive management candidates by identifying key leadership qualities

Staffing companies are also a great way to keep your employee retention numbers high. A direct hire recruiter at Amtec works hand in hand with companies on a regular basis, and we know the types of people who will be a good fit for your company. This helps employees make a smooth transition for your team. We have over sixty years of experience helping employers find great candidates for their teams. The Great Resignation was a wake-up call for many companies, wanting to identify ways to keep talent. Data from Visier shows that one in four people quit their jobs in 2021. Our extensive experience not only gives us experience on hiring, but also knowing what makes employees stay with their teams

A Great Match Plus Stability and Engagement

We know company culture is important to the longevity of your business. This means that if your employees are unhappy, there is a good chance that clients will be next on the list. It doesn’t matter how robust your marketing campaign or how beneficial the product is. At Amtec, we help you build a company with a long lifetime. Stability and engagement go hand in hand. When employees feel engaged in their work and know that they are on a career path, they will remain stable and will not jump ship. Businesses that have teamed with staffing companies have stayed afloat during the Great Resignation, but at Amtec, we’re dedicated to doing more than that. You can get insight into our process when it comes to matching employees with their companies. We have an online behavioral interview questions generator that can help you break down what you need to know about a candidate. 

The first step to becoming an innovative tech company is to hire people who are inspired by the vision the company sets forth. But, businesses sometimes lag in this regard. Simple steps such as a well-written job post and being clear about the compensation can help maintain a large talent pool. Amtec can help your business by provide top-notch talent for covering skill set gap or for increasing the depth of your existing workforce. Adding workers who have both experience and the technical knowledge to execute your strategic objectives is key to achieving larger goals.

Amtec has helped win the space race to the moon, revolutionize the tech industry, and beat down pandemics by creating dream teams, large and small, that get the job done. Our agency’s job is to attract, identify, qualify, hire, and retain the absolute best direct hires for your team.

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