Take a “Tech-Free” Break

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I remember when everyone around me got their first cell phones. I thought, I’m not getting one of those. They’ll probably even feel obligated to answer it in the restroom! Fast-forward a year to my first cell phone, the color of eggplant and roughly the size of a small paver. I know I’m not the only one who occasionally takes a call in the restroom…or takes my iPad into Corner Bakery, or holds up a conversation to text someone else. Some people even carry multiple cell phones! We are all vulnerable to technology because it surrounds us–mostly by choice after hours, mostly out of necessity at work.

Maybe it’s time to take a short break from technology. If you’re like me, surely you’ve questioned from time to time whether we’re better off being constantly informed and available. If you suffer from technology overload, take a minute to read these 4 reasons for taking a tech-free break. Then go do it! (What, are you still here? Go!)

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Article originally published on recruiter.com by Shala Marks.

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