The 5 Parts of Writing a Great Job Post

Hiring new employees for a position can be an exciting and positive experience for both you and the chosen candidates. It’s not a process that is without risk. If the candidates fail to glean from the details of your job post what the position fully entails then what follows may be several interviews of wasted time. One of the most effective ways to minimize this risk is to write an attractive and detailed job post. Well-written job posts help all parties involved and allow candidates to self-screen before going through the application process. Many candidates are motivated to self-screen because it helps them only apply to positions that feel like a good fit. This leads to greater potential to be hired and to take on responsibilities that will lead to a rewarding sense of contribution. As for you and your respective company, it will save your recruiting team time and energy by investing in getting to know applicants who are both a good match and serious about the opportunity.

The difference it makes to write a great job post

Recruiting new hires is always easier when the applicants represent a healthy pool of talented and premier candidates to choose from for building your dream team of professionals dedicated to achieving your company’s vision. A great job post paints a picture for applicants of what working for your company would look like. Be clear and concise. Do not overwhelm an applicant with more than 500-600 words. Often this can be a difficult task to give the full picture of what a position entails, so some less vital details can be left out. When writing a job description and before you post it to any board, be sure you’ve included all necessary information and any other intriguing details your company has to offer.

These are the five essential parts of a great job post for attracting high-quality candidates:

  1. Keywords and Responsibilities– This is the most crucial information that should be included in a job post. This can include the qualifications, education and experience needed for a specific position. It will preserve your time from getting invested in an applicant who did not fully understand what the position entails or requires, resulting in delayed or bad hiring decisions.
  2. Salary Range- Many candidates have an income goal they need to meet for their day to day lives. This information can make or break whether or not someone applies for the position so it’s important to post an accurate salary number. Potential hires want to ensure they feel rightfully compensated and it prevents any confusion if they already understand what kind of salary they are going to earn if they did get hired.
  3. Opportunity- Quality top performers are looking to grow from a job experience, so be sure to include specific details about the position so they can decide if it’s a good opportunity for them to take. You want to hire someone who appreciates the position they are applying for.
  4. A Challenge- The best applicants want to be hired for a position that is going to push them and stimulate their thinking process daily. You also want to hire someone who isn’t going to be afraid to challenge themselves.
  5. The Company’s Culture and Mission- Be clear in regards to what your company’s perks and goals are, so they can determine if they agree with what you are trying to accomplish in hiring that position. You also do not want to add a new member to your team if they are going to increase tension in the workplace without delivering positive change.

What is the Job Posting Generator and why should you use it before adding job posts to job boards?

One new tool Amtec offers to help write an attractive and compelling job description is the Job Posting Generator. It’s a user-friendly online tool that can help you create a descriptive and enticing job post. This combined with a compelling format can help to bring in quality, passionate and eager applicants. Finding the right candidates for a particular job opening can be challenging. It can be ultimately devastating to the flow and rhythm of a company’s hiring or training team when an applicant gives inaccurate information or implications regarding their readiness for any given position. This is where specifics are vital to a job posting, which the Job posting generator can lend a helping hand with. If a position opening requires certain qualifications, experience, or education, creating a stellar job post will help to give a potential applicant a realistic idea of if it’s a fitting description for them. The generator makes it simple and efficient to ensure that all this important information is included in your post.

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