The Secret Ingredient of Networking

Have you ever known someone who always seems to run into someone he knows, no matter where he is? Our friend Jeff is like that–he is a natural-born networker. If he doesn’t know you, he probably knows your brother, teacher, or friend. But not all of us have his gift.

What’s the one thing that everyone needs to network successfully? It’s not your elevator speech, although you do need to have one ready, and it’s not eye contact, as crucial as that is.

According to John Koetsier, what you really need is passion! Yes, listening is important, but people won’t make a connection with you just by telling you about themselves.

“If you just listen when networking,” says Koetsier, “you’re going to hear a lot, and you’ll make some connections. But those connections won’t be strong ones, and won’t be beneficial, because the people you’re connecting with have no clue who you are, what you’re doing, and why you get out of bed in the morning.”

Passion is something anyone can have. Once you find yours, networking will come a lot easier than you thought. Next time you need to network, think about what you most enjoy, and start sharing!

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