Turn Temp Work Into a Full-Time Job

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If there’s one thing we see regularly here at Amtec, it’s employers who understandably don’t want to make a costly hiring mistake. If you’re a temporary employee, is there a way to leverage this concern in your favor?

Yes, but it depends on how you do it, say the experts, who suggest that you build a relationship with a staffing agency who specializes in your desired field.

For instance, if you want to get an accounting position, work with a firm that specializes in placing accountants. Same goes for IT, human resources and pretty much any other discipline. “There are temp positions in every kind of level whether an accountant or executive admin,” says Goldthwaite [VP of an HR staffing agency]. “The best thing to do is stick with a niche and seek out a temp staffing company aligned with your career goals.”

Befriending your staffing agency can also help you to learn which jobs will never go full-time.

Click here to read all 5 tips on how to turn your temp position into a full-time job. We wish you success!

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Article published on jobs.aol.com by Donna Fuscaldo.

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