What Makes an Employer Attractive

A lot of attractions are unexplainable. Why, for instance, does our cat insist upon snuggling up on the sofa with our dog, who can barely tolerate her? Some attractions, on the other hand, make sense, such as why employees love working for Google.

Besides the prestige of actually getting hired and the opportunity to innovate, employees enjoy many perks, such as free food, lap pools, on-site doctors, haircuts, and great compensation. And who wouldn’t love the death benefit where 50% of your yearly salary is paid to your loved one for 10 years after you die?

For those of us who aren’t Google and can’t offer such outrageous perks, let’s just do what we can to create a positive work environment that is pleasant, respectful, and fun. Someone did it at Amtec today. When I walked into the office, there was a giant pink box of donuts on the table, with an apple fritter just for me! It was such an easy way to make me smile.

Article originally published on jobs.aol.com by Dan Fastenberg.

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