When Work Actually Gets Done

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Employers, have you ever wondered what you can do to increase your employees’ productivity and tap into their creativity? Do you blame low productivity on too much Facebook or too many computer games? Well, Jason Fried has the radical idea that the office just isn’t a good place to get work done! In his talk, he lays out the main problems (call them the M&Ms) and offers three suggestions to make work work. Watch the video and see what you think!

If you’re too busy to watch the video, I’ll give you the short version–the M&Ms stand for managers and meetings, and the key is to provide employees with long, uninterrupted periods of time where they can truly focus!

Jason Fried thinks deeply about collaboration, productivity and the nature of work. He’s the co-founder of 37signals, makers of Basecamp and other web-based collaboration tools, and co-author of “Rework.”

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