Where Are the Qualified Workers?

lots of people in the unemployment line

The skills gap discussion continues! A few months ago, we posted an article about what is really causing the skills gap, that disparity that exists between our nation’s high rate of unemployment and the large number of job openings going unfilled.

According to CBS News, there are currently more than three million job openings, 500,000 of those in manufacturing alone. With millions of people unemployed, why can’t employers find qualified workers? The discussion continues, as Byron Pitts conducts interviews with employers Click Bond and Alcoa, as well as Peter Cappelli, a professor of management at Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Cappelli continues to assert that companies are going to have to train employees, and not at the taxpayer’s expense, a pill that’s financially difficult for employers to swallow.

To listen in on the discussion between Pitts and these leaders, click here to read the article.

Originally published on cbsnews.com by Byron Pitts.

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