Where Can You Find Top Candidates?

Are you having trouble filling key positions and don’t know why? Do you wonder if the skills gap is fact or fiction? Wouldn’t it be helpful to know where to find the top candidates for your key positions?

Amtec is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with CareerBuilder to provide our customers with a blend of data (Career Builder, Bureau of Labor and Statistics, State, and county) that can provide critical answers when quality candidates are in scarce supply.

Tell us about your key hard-to-fill positions, and we’ll bring this vital Big Data to you. This information will equip you to sit at the strategy table and contribute valuable insights in the area of talent acquisition.

In the Amtec Supply and Demand Report specifically customized to your industry and organization, you’ll find answers to key questions like these:

• Supply: How tight is the supply of candidates who have the experience and qualifications I’m seeking?
• Demand: How many job requirements (other companies) are competing with my organization’s open position(s) for those same candidates?
• Competitors: Who are my biggest competitors for the candidates I need?
• Location: Where can I find the talent I’m looking for (regionally)?
• Compensation: How does my compensation package compare to the market rate for my position?
• Industries: From which industries can qualified candidates be found?
With this information tailored specifically for your company, you’ll be able to identify critical pain points in your hiring process. That’s where we can help, and why we’re offering this free report.

If you’re like most, you could use an expert strategic hiring partner like Amtec. For 55 years, we’ve been helping employers throughout the West Coast to hire better talent by implementing our superior process for technical and professional recruiting. We’d like to work alongside you to craft solutions for finding great candidates for your hard-to-fill positions.

Just call us at (714) 993-1900 and schedule a face-to-face visit. One of our consultants will learn more about your company, culture, the challenges you face, and conduct an analysis of your top recruiting challenges. We will then deliver your free Amtec Supply and Demand Report. This will give you a full picture of the market dynamics that impact your recruiting success. We’ll review it together, discover potential roadblocks, and build solutions to find the best available candidates.

If you’re interested in making better-informed decisions about hiring, call today to schedule an in-person conversation and receive your free, customized report. We look forward to talking with you about and developing strategies for your recruiting success.

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