Who Owns Your Facebook Account?

woman looking over computer users' shoulder

Do you remember when Tupperware home parties were the rage? The unlucky woman who attended one inevitably ended up volunteering to host another party herself, thus obligating all her friends to spend more money the next month on a product they may or may not need. Such pressure! I soon made a vow never to go to Tupperware parties again. (I have nothing against Tupperware, for the record. They made a great product that is still in my cupboards after over 25 years!)

Well, today’s digital world may look very different from the Tupperware era, but people are still being pressured to suck their friends into someone else’s campaign to make money. Apparently, “companies like Dell, Intel, Unisys, GAP, and Pepsi are starting to do mandatory training on how to use” social media tools so that their employees can build their company brand.

If this grabs your attention, read more about what your company may feel entitled to do with your Facebook account.

Originally published on businessinsider.com by Julie Bort.

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