Why Didn’t They Choose Me?

When I was in my 20s, I applied for a clerical position at a local company. The lobby was full of young women, and my interview lasted less than two minutes. I felt confident and highly qualified–but they never called me. I spent days second-guessing myself. Did I wear the wrong thing? Was I not qualified? Did I come across as too confident? I will never know why they didn’t choose me, but the experts are ready to share with you why you might not get the job!

Among the top 10 reasons are your attire and grooming. Just recently, one of our candidates was ruled out the moment she walked into the interview because of her very casual attire. (The interviewer told us, not the candidate.) So be sure you find out what the company culture is like and dress accordingly!

To improve your chances at your next interview, read these 10 tips on what could keep you from getting hired.

Article originally published on jobs.aol.com by Alison Green.

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