Why Recruiting Is Better In December

chocolate drizzled popcorn
Doesn’t this look good? Check out this recipe for chocolate peanut butter popcorn!

If you’re like us here at Amtec, the pace in December tends to slow down. (Could it be because we all keep running to the kitchen for another handful of that chocolate-drizzled popcorn?) But according to one thought leader, we may be missing out on the best opportunities to recruit.

Smart recruiters will have more time to proactively recruit — on the positive side, the slack office atmosphere during December will give recruiters more time to catch up. Smart corporate leaders will realize that because hiring managers are not opening up new positions and there are almost no job fairs or college recruiting events scheduled during December, their recruiters will have extra time. A significant percentage of the less-desirable “active job seekers” are inactive during the holiday season, and as a result, they won’t flood organizations with their resumes, emails, and calls. Taken together, this reduced volume can free up your recruiters time to search for high-quality resumes that are already in their database and to proactively seek out others using direct sourcing.

Read the whole article to learn 20 reasons why December is a powerful month to recruit. Beat the 2013 rush and find the best candidates now!

Article published on ere.net by Dr. John Sullivan.

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