Why Shift Your Strategy?

Our neighborhood has rabbits. Lots of them. Which means our fescue grass constantly dies because they kill it one way or another. I’ve lost weeks of my life reseeding our back lawn in an effort to keep it green and weed-free. Last year, I decided to heed that saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.” I planted St. Augustine grass, which self-propagates. End of problem. (Well, that problem anyway! Now I have to raise all my sprinkler heads, but that’s another story!)

Is something you’re doing working less well than it used to? Then maybe it’s time to consider a change. Click here for a great suggestion on how to roll out something new in your HR department.

Article originally published on hrcapitalist.com by Kris Dunn.

To read more about embracing change within your organization, click here.

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