Why We Work For You

The above Wordle hangs in our lobby to remind us of what’s important. Because these core values influence every job search, phone screen, interview, client or candidate call, reference check, or hire we conduct, you might want to be aware of what drives us and why we work for you:


Helping our clients build high-performance teams…helping candidates find meaningful work


People: Love and respect everyone. Leave them better off than before we met.

Integrity: Don’t cheat to win. Make truth your friend no matter the cost.

Courage: Don’t take the easy route unless it’s the best one. Stretch yourself. Pursue what is hard.

Excellence: Pursue excellence in the work we do. Don’t compromise.

Learning: Never stop learning in your pursuit of personal growth.

Profit: Value our work and the difference we make for our customers and candidates.

These aren’t just words. These are words we live by!

As you can imagine, the staffing business is often relentless, difficult, and demanding. It’s not always comfortable to have to tell a candidate he or she isn’t the best fit for the job. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to say when a client wants us to fill their new opening for a purple squirrel…yesterday! There are plenty of instances when it may seem beneficial to misrepresent the truth. And at times, it seems ridiculous to keep looking for that purple squirrel. But we are called to a higher standard, we love helping people, and we’re really good at what we do. That’s why we work for you.Our back office team works for you behind the scenes.

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