Words to Ruin Your Next Interview

I popped into Jay’s office today to ask a quick question. Jay, our president, is in the trenches every day, interviewing candidates, hiring employees, managing our staffing managers, and bringing in new positions to fill. As we discussed hiring candidates, Jay mentioned that there was one thing some candidates say that automatically makes him end the interview. Are you curious? I sure was!

Jay told me he typically asks the candidate, “What’s one area of weakness for you that you could improve upon?” If a candidate answers, “I don’t have any weaknesses,” Jay ends the interview right there!

Entrepreneur Ilya Pozin has put together a list of several things you could say to ruin your next interview—and what you can say instead to advance your career. For instance, don’t say this:

“You’ll never find another manager as great as I am.” Sure, confidence may land you an interview, but advancing your career requires a sense of humbleness. You may have accomplished a lot during your career, but you need to find a way to present your experiences without a know-it-all demeanor. If you feel like you’ve come off a little arrogant, note the help you had from a great team of employees or your administrative assistant.”

As for how to deal with that pesky question about your area of weakness, Pozin advises, ”Everybody has shortcoming. Ignoring yours will only make your interviewer roll their eyes. If you’re asked to share your weaknesses, choose a quality to share that isn’t central to the position you’re applying for. Make sure to address your weakness and share how you’ve learned from it to improve for the future. This shows your ability to learn from your mistakes and grow.”

Do you have an interview coming up? Don’t sabotage yourself. Read this article to learn how to take your career to the next level!

A good way to advance your career is to master a new skill!

By Marcianne Kuethen

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