You Can Get Along With That Coworker!

chatterbox woman irritating her coworker

We’ve all experienced the distraction caused by that drop-in chatterbox, rude cell phone user, nervous tapper, or space invader at work. (In fact, I may have been one occasionally–ouch! That list makes you think.) An irritating coworker’s insensitivity can not only drive you to the brink–it can affect your work performance and jeopardize your career!

Cheryl Stein, a personal coach suggests that you “use honey: Try to connect with the person to develop a closer relationship. Sometimes getting to know someone a little better and extending a hand in friendship can make the person start to go out of his way for you.”

If being sweet just isn’t workable, Stein offers other practical suggestions. Click here for all 6 tips on how to get along with a coworker you hate–or how to take it to the top, if you must.

Whether you’re employed or looking for work, are you networking regularly to build your personal brand? Click here for the secret ingredient of networking!

Article published on by Chery Stein.

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