Your Company’s Image Impacts the Hiring Process

“A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” –Proverbs 22:1

As a recruiter, I have the privilege of working with clients from industries of various shapes and sizes. With that comes a variety of company cultures.  In the hiring process, I’ve learned that candidates don’t just evaluate a position’s responsibilities and the possibility of career advancement. They also weigh the opportunity in light of their impression of the organization. Your company’s image impacts the hiring process! No matter the size of your organization, if you want to attract the best and right kind of talent for your company, you must establish a healthy and attractive company image.

Not only can the right company image attract great candidates, but it may even save you money. A recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder states, “Seventy-seven percent of candidates are willing to accept a salary that is 5% lower than their expected offer if the employer created a great impression through the hiring process; 83% would do the same if the company had a reputation as a great employer. Candidates would also accept a lower salary if the company had a lot of positive press recently (69%) and had great online reviews (73%).” Of course, it’s wise to pay a fair market wage to capture the candidates you want, but if your budget falls just short of meeting a candidate’s salary demands, your company’s good image may sway them to your side.

Here are three ideas for how to polish the image that candidates will see and interact with:

1) Establish a social media presence: Apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are great avenues to be seen and heard. Candidates are looking there to dig up information on the companies with whom they are interviewing.  Whether you’re posting a new picture, weekly status updates regarding current projects, or exciting news at your company, this will give candidates a taste of what it’s like to work for you.

2) Freshen up your online presence: Your website is almost always the first thing candidates look at when they hear your name.  What do they see when they go there?  Investing in a fresh webpage can make a world of difference in the image your company portrays to candidates, especially if you’re trying to attract earlier career candidates.

3) Ensure a positive candidate interaction during the interview process: Your effort to be highly responsive, give honest feedback, and be timely will all make a good impression on any candidate.  Read more about this topic here.

Of course, no one is perfect, and sometimes things occur that are beyond your control when it comes to reputation. However, if you take the time to invest in the areas where you know your potential talent will be researching, candidates will discover that you have more to offer than simply a paycheck.

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