Book Notes: You’re Not the Person I Hired

By Janet Boydell, Barry Deutsch, and Brad Remillard

Notes by Jeff Abbot.

In the book, which I recommending every hiring manager should buy and use, they outline many elements that make for a successful hire.

Here are the top three, in my opinion:

  • Use SOAR method to determine the work the person will do in a measureable way.
    • S – Sustainable department goal
    • O – Obstacles that will have to be overcome
    • A – What action is needed
    • R  – What results are expected
  • Use the above SOAR process to develop 2 to 5 Critical Success Factors

Example:  Develop and implement within 6 months a vendor qualification program that would ensure zero defects and 100% on-time delivery of raw material.

  • During the face-to-face interview, build rapport, make the job important, state two or three of the Critical Success Factors, and share your vision of the company two to three years from now.

5 Key Questions

    1. Would you please give me an example of a situation in which you have demonstrated initiative?
    2. Would you please give me an example of when you executed a project flawlessly?
    3. Tell me about your most successful accomplishment leading a cross-functional team on a major project or initiative.
    4. One of the most Critical Success Factors is _______ (from your pre-work above).  Would you please describe your most comparable accomplishment?
    5. Can you walk me through how you would go about achieving _________  (Success Factor 2) in our environment?

With each answer, probe and drill deep for understanding of the role and                           contributions the person made.  Use the 5 W’s: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

It’s been my experience that this WORKS for accomplishing one of the most important Critical Success Factor for all leaders … Hiring Great Talent!

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