Don’t Ask Your Interviewer These Questions!

A few months ago, a friend was looking for a job. Understandably, he was very nervous about being prepared to interview. We spent some time with him, practicing questions he might be asked by the hiring manager and giving him tips on his body language.

But it’s not enough to think about how you will answer interview questions. You must also be prepared for that moment when the interviewer looks you in the eye and asks, “Now, what questions do you have for me?”

This article brings up some questions you should not ask! For instance, you should not ask, “What does your company do?” If you haven’t taken the time to do your research before you go, then you must not really want the job!

For a slideshow of all 10 questions, click here.

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To read about questions you’ll want to ask your interviewer, check out this article.

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