How to Stand Out in the Applicant Database

map of the internet shows why you get lost in the applicant database

I just read a quote from a candidate who told her new boss that she used a staffing agency because she didn’t want to send her resume into the oblivion of the Internet. Do you ever feel that way? Well, here two tangible ways to make your resume stand out in the applicant database:

  1. Use keywords to optimize your resume so it will rise to the top of recruiter searches. The key words should list the specific functions you do, and also be the same ones listed in the job description of the position for which you’re applying.
  2. Format your resume into 4 sections the recruiter can easily digest: Tag line, profile, key skills, and key achievements. This will help get the recruiter’s attention for the few seconds it takes to show them you are a worthy candidate and get them to read more.

For specifics on how to optimize your resume and what format to use, read the full article.

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Article originally published on by Kazim Ladimeji.

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