Making Hiring a Vacation with Amtec Hire Guides

Instead of your next hiring process being an adventure full of pitfalls to avoid, make hiring a vacation! Let Amtec’s Hiring Guides give you everything you need to know to write a job posting, determine compensation, and entice high-quality candidates. With close to 900 hiring guides published, Amtec provides an authoritative source for recruiting and HR professionals. Written from the perspective of hiring managers and recruiters, the guides make the hiring journey a positive experience of developing job descriptions, determining compensation, and recruiting high-quality candidates. Find your hiring guide here.

Some of the industry focus groups with the guides include engineer recruiting, construction recruiting, and finance recruiting. With guidance for hiring within industry verticals for different job level titles, it’s a comprehensive reference that changes your experience from jumping through hoops of fire to instead arriving at ports-of-call on your hiring vacation route.

Candidate Delivery Service

Optionally, engage Amtec to deliver candidates meeting your best-match criteria. For more than 60-years Amtec has worked as a trusted partner for direct hire recruiting, contract recruiting, and payroll services.

Like a guide delivering a well-organized vacation excursion, an Amtec recruiter provides peace of mind that you’ll reach your destination without risk. Better yet, if your expectations are not met then there is no cost to you. As an example, Amtec’s Temp-to-Perm program eliminates the worry of a wrong hire with a contract-to-direct trial period, creating an extended working interview and allowing you the opportunity to validate character, competence, and cultural fit before making a commitment. Assisting both contract hires and direct hires, Amtec’s Great Start Tool provides you and your new hire with defined objectives. Your new team member will be supported to accelerate performance, gain credibility, become more effective sooner, and understand your culture more quickly, leading to the delivery of desired results and increased retention.

Access Industry Information by Industry Role and Location

Amtec hire guides contain all the vital information about a specific job title, including typical salary ranges, job responsibilities, special skill sets, and education needed. This makes preparing to recruit easier and less time-consuming. The guides also provide location-specific information customized for cities across California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

For recruiters, tracking down the information needed to write a complete and comprehensive position description can be a time-consuming process. Amtec Hire Guides provide all that information in one resource.

For example, if you need to hire a construction project manager in Las Vegas, this custom resource will tell you the average salaries for that position in Nevada, along with the typical duties and job responsibilities, and the education, experience, or special skills needed, and the pros and cons of working and living in Las Vegas.

This information is currently available for more than 24 different roles in 33 cities, and more positions, industries, and cities are continually added.

And there’s more! 

After using the hiring guides to define your hiring criteria, there are more tools that Amtec also makes available for free! Use the Job Posting Generator to write a great job post, inclusive of the five essential parts. Once you have candidates to interview then use the Behavioral Interview Questions Generator to learn what you really need to know about the candidates.

Design your own hiring vacation as one that is completely self-guided with Amtec resources, or add Amtec as a partner in the process at any point in your journey. We’re happy to help! At Amtec, everything we do is guided by our mission and purpose: We enrich lives by helping companies build high-performing teams and helping people find meaningful work.

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