The Importance of Company Culture

At Amtec, we call it FAmtec

Back in January, our fearless leader Scott Kuethen wrote to me and my colleagues, recapping the tumultuous year behind us and 10 months of working remotely, working apart. To set the stage, prior to the pandemic shuttering our office, it was an active place, with Foosball, feasts at lunch on Fridays, and in general, a loud, jovial office. That’s our company culture.

“I think our team has and is suffering from being apart,” said Scott in his message. “Community and culture have been an important part of Team Amtec (FAmtec) for many years. Working in isolation, with little more than a zoom team meeting in the morning, has taken its toll. I miss seeing you all.” 

At Amtec, we are more than just a work team. We are Family…FAmtec.

As you can see from the photo, Amtec staff has returned to the office! It’s not business as normal, and it was a slow and deliberate process, with lots of communication, training, and, of course, consideration for those experiencing COVID hardships. 

While office life for us (and all companies) looks different now than it did in January 2020, the value of company culture has not changed, and in so many ways, we became a stronger company and stronger team in 2020. We were reminded how lucky we are to work for a company with a core company value of caring for others and we learned how to overcome adversity with creativity.

Stephen Covey, businessman and author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People said “We develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and obstacles.” 

This is true for businesses, too. As Scott said, “We will benefit from being together, encouraging each other, and becoming a stronger team. And that’s our 2021, Q1 rally cry…stronger together.  

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