Why Our Customers Come Back for More

Our High Interview-to-Submit Ratio

Are you being bombarded with unqualified resumes by another employment agency? Or worse yet, have you been sent resumes of candidates who you’re interested in interviewing, only to find out they are unavailable? At Amtec, we work harder than the average recruitment agency to maintain a high interview-to-submit ratio. Where most companies send lots of resumes to customers just hoping they will get an interview, we believe our job is to carefully screen resumes. In our industry, the norm for interview-to-submit ratios is 20%. Ours is approximately 50%.

Our Unique (and Picky!) Hiring Process

We often hear from our clients who’ve been using other staffing agencies that they have experienced the frustration of poor candidate screening and filtering. The customer ends up with 10 resumes, only to spend a lot of time weeding out 8 and asking to interview 2. Our data shows that we’re as picky as you are when it comes to candidate screening. We screen every candidate for character, competency, and culture fit. Our unique hiring process and tools result in our sending fewer resumes, listening to early feedback to help us understand the nuances of what you are looking for (those often aren’t clear up front), and then adjusting our screening accordingly. We call this calibration.

Our Commitment to Pre-Screen Candidates

Another unethical practice we hear about is that some of our competitors in the market send a candidate resume to a prospect without ever having talked to the candidate. These agencies use the candidate as bait, when they have not screened the candidate or even worked to established a relationship with the candidate first. At Amtec, every candidate we send you has been prescreened by our experienced staff and is available at the time of presentation. We take our reputation for integrity seriously, and we won’t waste your time or ours.

Our Proven Ability to Provide Quality Candidates

Sadly, resume dumping and uninformed candidate presentation or unethical activity are not unusual for some agencies. But we believe our customers come back for more of Amtec’s hiring help time and time again because they can count on our quality of service and our dedication to finding even hard-to-find people. It’s often challenging work to find the people our customers want to hire. We have to find them, call and introduce ourselves, and ask if they would entertain a conversation about their career. For those who are currently employed, we have to judge if their interest in making a move is genuine, because we don’t want them to end up hurting either you or their own career.

If you’ve been experiencing the frustration of working with an agency that dumps resumes or uses bait-and-switch tactics, we can promise you’ll have a different experience with us. With our 57 years of experience, we can actively market your job opportunities, connect you to the right job seekers, and lend a hand with negotiating offers to top candidates. Click here or call (714) 993-1900 to start your Amtec search, and find out why our customers come back for more.


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